Sunday, June 8, 2014

Intern in LyonsCG

This is the second week in LyonsCG.  I feel much better now, but I still have a lot of things to learn. Anyway, I am interesting in Demandware. Their platform is not an open source. Everyone who want to learn the Demandware they must refer by other company (Reseller). 

What is Demandware? Demandware is a public eCommerce merchant based out of Boston, MA. Founded in 2004 by Stephan Schambach and Wayne Whitcomb, Demandware develops eCommerce software technology for online retailers across the world. Demandware has branch offices in France and Germany. They are known for their on-demand commerce platform for eCommerce merchants. Their products include merchandising and catalog management tools that allow merchants to configure their own sites without requiring additional development efforts. Included with their products are online instructor classes, on site classes, hands on training, and a 24/7 knowledge support base. 

In this week, I start to take care of some issues from the customer. I feel those things are very basic stuff. However, there is one thing that takes me about an hour to solve it, Redirect the URL. It's not hard. I just have to understand the Demandware platform, then I should be able to finish it quickly. I am really excited for the next week challenge, I will keep posting.    

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