Sunday, June 8, 2014

North Star Reach Summary

This week, I keep managing the Adword performance for North Star Reach. The main ad group "North Star Reach" has about 20 clicks and 277 impression. The overall CTR is 7.22%, which is very good. I did a lot of research and used keyword detail and keyword planner to find the best keyword for them.

For other ad Group, such as Camp Volunteers, Camp Awareness, they all have about 1% CTR. It's still possible to improve the performance, I just need more time to determine the best keyword. I also have two event adgroups "Swim to Moon" and "Gold Outing" which is not performing well. However, their keyword worked great last year. I don't understand what's going on. Any other Suggestion?

Few days ago, Marji had a meeting with Google professional. I am going to talk to Marji soon in the future regarding the suggestion from Google. I will post an update about next week.

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