Thursday, July 31, 2014

North Star Reach Groundbreaking Event.

Today I attend the groundbreaking ceremony of North Star Reach. It's so exciting to many children there. All of them are like angels. It makes me want to help them more. It's also exciting to meet their board of director; Sean Byrne, Anna and Linda. I am so glad I am helping them to manage their Adwords. 
The overall Adwords performance is 143 click with 4234 impressions; which is 3.38% of CTR. The highest adgroup performance is 96 clicks with 730 impressions; which is 13.15% of CTR with 44.75% of bounce rate. All the data is based on 30 days period.
If any of you have better idea to help me improve the Adwords performance, please feel free to make a comment. I would be happy to discuss with you all. Thanks!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Use Google Analytics to Improve Adwords Performance

Today I attend the online event "Use Google Analytics to Improve Adwords Performance." It talks about how to link Google Adwords and Google Analytics, using Adwords data in Analytics, using Analytics Data in Adwords. To link Google Analytics and AdWords, we can set it up under Admin tab in Google Adalytics. 

For more information, please visit How to Link Google Analytics and AdWords

For views, Google Analytics automatically creates one unfiltered view for every property in your account, but you can set up multiple views on a single property. Any data you send to a Google Analytics property automatically appears in all views associated with that property. For example, if you collect data from two websites and send it to one property, then data from both websites appears in all reporting views on that property. This is also true for web and app data. If you collect data from a mobile app and from a website, and both your SDK and your tracking code send data to one property in your Google Analytics account, all data (both web and app hits) appear in all reporting views associated with that property.

On the other hand, we can also add Analytics data in Adwords account. The 4 GA data are Bounce Rate, Page/Visit, Avg. visit duration and % new visit. To add the GA data in Adowrds, we can simply
click Column >> Customize Columns.

Then click Google Analytics >> Pick the data you want, and click Apply.

There is more information in this Video, please check things out.

Monday, July 14, 2014

North Star Reach (Adword & Analytics)

I talk to the Marji today regarding the Adword performance and the note from Google (Click HERE for Google Note). 

The overall CTR is about 1.77%, means the ad of north star reach is showing to people about 7859 times and about 139 people click the ad ( Time frame:one month ). 

The CTR for sitelink is about 4.73%. It means when people search North Star Reach, the sitelink shows to people about 1501 times with 71 clicks. 

Therefore, there are 210 people looking into north star reach website in a month. Comparing to last quarter, we have a big jump on the Adword performance.

In Google Analytics, I created three views and set up four goals last week.

For Summer 14 RAW view, we never set up any filters in it. And for Summer 14 Master, we recommend filters AFTER it has been tested and proven. Finally, we test one or more filters in Summer 14 Test.

The goals of "page view" and "time on site" are for North Star reach ad group. I wanna measure that how long do those parents look about their website and understand what North Star Reach doing, then they should realize the North Star Reach will fit their needs (Special Children Camps). The goal of donation is to measure how many people make a donation and what the conversion rate is. The goal of contactus_News_Volunteer is to measure the conversion rate for how many people fill out the contact us form (the form includes contact us, sign up news and sign up for volunteer). 

FUD of North Star Reach

FUD is generally a strategic attempt to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information. An individual firm, for example, might use FUD to invite unfavorable opinions and speculation about a competitor's product; to increase the general estimation of switching costs among current customers; or to maintain leverage over a current business partner who could potentially become a rival.

I found some FUDs in North Star Reach Website, the volunteer page. North Star Reach made a form that user could contact them, be a volunteer, email newsletter and donation as one single form. 
It would confuse people when they first time see this form. I wanna be a volunteer, but this is a contact us form. Or I want to keep updated with North Star Reach, why would I contact North Star Reach by using contact us form? All of these may cost user to not complete the form. It should separate different forms for users.

Monday, July 7, 2014

North Star Reach

Since I keep maintaining North Star Reach Adword account, here are the things I have done. I created another ad group names Donation. However, this ad group seemed not working at all. I got 3xx impression but 0 clicks. It might be the ad text problem, or it could be something else. I just can't figure it out. On the other hand, I added more sitelinks under north stat ad group. All of them are working well.  

About Google Analytics, I created two personas for it. One is the social worker looking for information about special child camp. Another one is the student looking for volunteer at anywhere because of school requirement. I also set up four measurements, Bounce Rate, New User, Page/Session and Social Network.

Why my measurement is social network? The NPO would like to have more connection with user and keep maintaining the relationship. Social network is the best tool to do so.