Sunday, June 1, 2014

NPO Adword Management

The first thing I did for North Star Reach Adword was reviewing all the ad groups performance (include pause and delete ad group). Then I tried to bring all the good ad groups back and mortified the content. I keep the eye on those ad groups and trim them everyday. I re-organize those ad groups for two sections, event and regular. For the event campaign, it only exist in a time period. Their events are repeating annually, so I can pause and re-use the ad group every year. For the regular campaign, it includes NorthStar Reach, burn children camps, camp volunteer and camp for cancer children. Those ad groups should exist as long as the NorthStar Reach alive. Since their website is managing by third party organization, I have no right to do or say anything about it. I wish I can work with them on their web content soon in the future.

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