Sunday, June 29, 2014

Power of Persona

Personas are fictional representations of a product’s users based on real information collected directly from talking with and/or observing users (the ideal), or collected from other sources such as analytics, social media, clients, etc.

One of the main reasons for using personas is that when business target everyone it actually target no one. The art of segmentation is about narrowing its focus in on people in the market more likely to become its users/customers so business can better serve them. This applies not only to business product and/or service, but its content as well. 

Ultimately, though, professional should try to tell the most actionable story with their data. Think of it as another layer to the analytics. The most important layer. The people layer.

Analytics and Persona

It is important to note that it is very difficult to translate a persona into a measurable segment based on clickstream data, but it is possible to reach an approximation. Assume that I want to develop a persona called Danny Sullivan which I believe represents the kind of people that visit my site. I would start by trying to answer the questions above about him, and I might as well try to find a person that has the same lifestyle as Danny to help me. Then I would go about trying to find some metrics and dimensions on Google Analytics that help me pinpoint the persona and turn them into an advanced segment.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

E-Marketing: Community Management

I attended the event in WCC, which is E-Marketing: Community Management. Briefly, it introduce about the community management; what falls under a community manager's scope of responsibilities and community management as a job. What's the positive community; building engaging content, fostering positive comments and encouraging an active community. Negative community: dealing with a negative user, building an internal policy, knowing when to take the conversation offline and deleting comments. This event is really fun. However, I didn't go through all the stuff, such as case studies and example exercise. I would definitely come back for this event again.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Adwords Certify

I just passed Google Adword of "Advertising Fundamentals" and "Advanced Display" exam. It took forever! I studied for about two weeks, and both exams took me about 3 hours to complete. My next goal is AdWords Advanced Search and Video Advertising. It shouldn't take too long. Let's get it done before the end of June. Moreover, I am planning to take Google Analytics exam on July. It probably need another month to study the material. I am just wondering, what can you do when you pass those exam? Working in to Google? If so, I wish to work Google in Taiwan, Japan or China. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Micro to Macro Conversion - North Star Reach

Let's talk about Micro and Macro conversions of North Star Reach.Every website has their goal (converstion). However, conversion (Goal) can be more than one. Here are some examples of micro and macro conversion.

Micro                                                         Macro
Find out who we are(Overview)                   Contact Us for Camp
Check News and Event                                 Contact Us for Volunteer
Subscribing to the Newsletter                       Money or Gift Donation

Monday, June 9, 2014


This is a modest pursuit to create personas for the special need child in an attempt to understand their web visitors to improve their web experience based on my conversations with North Star Reach and browsing through their website.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Their kid is being treated with steroids for leukemia. Doctor suggests this kid to stay in a safe place. However, Mr. & Mrs. Smith want their child to have a good childhood. The doctor refer them North Star Reach Camp, so Mr. & Mrs. Smith tries to Google North Star Reach.


She is a single Mom with a kid who has a special need. She is trying to look a safe outdoor activity for her child. She starts to search “safe outdoor activity.” Therefore, she finds North Star Reach because they have camp activity for special kids and safety is their Middle Name. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

North Star Reach Mission Statement

North Star Reach offers life-changing camp experiences for children with serious health challenges and their families. 

1.     Kids & Families First
Every plan, paper airplane, decision and action is focused around the children and their families – our campers are our Polaris, our guiding North Star. If it is any indication, we take our paper airplanes very seriously.

2.     Playful Professionalism
Our goal of creating spectacularly average experiences for our campers requires the best of both worlds. Our commitment to the highest level of safety and care while laughing so hard your belly hurts takes hard work – work we embrace and are honored to undertake. Besides, oxymorons are fun – just ask any jumbo shrimp, they are generally the life of the party.

3.     Safety Is our Middle Name
Not really, but we considered it. North Safety Reach just did not sound as good as North Star Reach, but we liked the idea enough to incorporate safety into everything we do. In fact, most of our staff and volunteers were primary school safety guards.

4.     Camp Is a Prescription for Fun
The pillars of our camp are: Joy, Fun, Laughter and Song. We wanted to include popsicles, puppies and balloons, but someone said it didn’t sound professional enough.

5.     Reach Higher
There are no boundaries at camp due to a child’s condition or disability. Except the fence around camp, guess that’s kind of a boundary.

6.     Camp Rules
At camp, we only have four rules, one for each of your fingers. Safety. Respect. Love. Challenge By Choice. Safety is our number one priority. We respect people and the environment around us. Love is a commitment to one another. Camp is a place where you get to choose how to participate, not if you participate. Oh yeah, and have some serious fun. Guess that’s really five rules. This way your thumb won’t feel left out.

7.     Welcome to the Family
Our camp will be open and welcoming to all who enter without hesitation. Camp is a family and a community of caring people committed to making a difference for one another. Unless you’re a skunk. Skunks – with that little white stripe, you are cute and all, but we’d rather you stay home.

8.     Together Everyone Achieves More
We will work together as a team, learn as a team and grow as a team. We will support each other at all times and think of the team before ourselves. We will function in an efficient, ethical and professional manner using our diverse experience, knowledge and skills. In fact, we love teamwork so much we once tried to organize a pinball team. Turns out, pinball is more of a one person thing.

9.     Once in a Lifetime Happens Every Day
We will celebrate* successes of all shapes and sizes and give thanks. *Not all celebrations will include confetti, cake or dancing, but we’ll try.

10.  We Don’t Like Skunks but We Love R.A.T.S.
Rats are probably the last thing you would want at camp. R.A.T.S stands for responsibility, accountability, trust and stewardship. We will hold ourselves to the highest standard to be responsible with our financial, human and community resources through innovation, thoughtfulness and sticky notes. We have a ton of recycled sticky notes.

11.  Freedom
We allow for freedom and empowerment and choice. For example, you could choose to print this list out and make it into a paper airplane. We’d be cool with that – since you’d be putting kids first!

Intern in LyonsCG

This is the second week in LyonsCG.  I feel much better now, but I still have a lot of things to learn. Anyway, I am interesting in Demandware. Their platform is not an open source. Everyone who want to learn the Demandware they must refer by other company (Reseller). 

What is Demandware? Demandware is a public eCommerce merchant based out of Boston, MA. Founded in 2004 by Stephan Schambach and Wayne Whitcomb, Demandware develops eCommerce software technology for online retailers across the world. Demandware has branch offices in France and Germany. They are known for their on-demand commerce platform for eCommerce merchants. Their products include merchandising and catalog management tools that allow merchants to configure their own sites without requiring additional development efforts. Included with their products are online instructor classes, on site classes, hands on training, and a 24/7 knowledge support base. 

In this week, I start to take care of some issues from the customer. I feel those things are very basic stuff. However, there is one thing that takes me about an hour to solve it, Redirect the URL. It's not hard. I just have to understand the Demandware platform, then I should be able to finish it quickly. I am really excited for the next week challenge, I will keep posting.    

North Star Reach Summary

This week, I keep managing the Adword performance for North Star Reach. The main ad group "North Star Reach" has about 20 clicks and 277 impression. The overall CTR is 7.22%, which is very good. I did a lot of research and used keyword detail and keyword planner to find the best keyword for them.

For other ad Group, such as Camp Volunteers, Camp Awareness, they all have about 1% CTR. It's still possible to improve the performance, I just need more time to determine the best keyword. I also have two event adgroups "Swim to Moon" and "Gold Outing" which is not performing well. However, their keyword worked great last year. I don't understand what's going on. Any other Suggestion?

Few days ago, Marji had a meeting with Google professional. I am going to talk to Marji soon in the future regarding the suggestion from Google. I will post an update about next week.

Metro Detroit Chinese Language and Culture

Metro Detroit Chinese Language and Culture group is excited to gather all of those interested in not only learning and practicing the Chinese language but also who wish to share in the rich Chinese culture, foods and traditions. This event might not be digital market related, but it's good to go there and meet other professional.Their group spans all of the metro Detroit areas including but not limited to Plymouth, Canton, Westland, Farmington, Bloomfield, Livonia, Ann Arbor and more.

If anyone who is interesting about Chinese, please feel free to join this event.

The event starts on Sat Jun 14 3:00 PM at Eastern Michigan University Library (955 W Circle Dr, Ypsilanti, MI (map))

Monday, June 2, 2014

Michigan Energy Forum - Energy/Water Nexus

Since I am working for two internship right now, it's kind of hard to attend the social event. However, I am planning to attend "Michigan Energy Forum - Energy/Water Nexus" on Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 5:00pm to 330 E. Liberty, Lower Level Ann ArborMI 48104 and I might be late because my current job. 

Here is the description:

Water and energy are strongly linked and mutually dependent. We need water to generate energy – and we need energy to supply, use, and treat drinking water and wastewater. On the energy side of the equation, our reliance on fossil fuels requires us to use enormous amounts of water for energy production. If we fail to transition to a clean energy economy, water used for energy production is predicted to increase from 66 billion cubic meters (bcm) today to 135 bcm annually by 2035. Join the MEF to explore the water/energy nexus.​

If anyone who is interesting to attend this event, please let me know.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

NPO Adword Management

The first thing I did for North Star Reach Adword was reviewing all the ad groups performance (include pause and delete ad group). Then I tried to bring all the good ad groups back and mortified the content. I keep the eye on those ad groups and trim them everyday. I re-organize those ad groups for two sections, event and regular. For the event campaign, it only exist in a time period. Their events are repeating annually, so I can pause and re-use the ad group every year. For the regular campaign, it includes NorthStar Reach, burn children camps, camp volunteer and camp for cancer children. Those ad groups should exist as long as the NorthStar Reach alive. Since their website is managing by third party organization, I have no right to do or say anything about it. I wish I can work with them on their web content soon in the future.