Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Google Community Leaders (CLP) - SMB Team Workshop

The Google Community Leaders Program (CLP) held a workshop on December 22, 2014, with an SMB (Small to Medium Sized Business) called AGI Construction Solutions. However, they in turn invited a few other organizations to the event and the event ended up having representatives from the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center, and the Detroit chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. 

The SMB team went over Google+, Google Analytics, and GoogleMyBusiness. 

List of Organizations present: 
AGI Construction Solutions 
Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation 
Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center 
Detroit Chapter of U.S. Green Building Council 

Knowledge of Google Products
Not all participants were familiar with GoogleMyBusiness and most needed more information on how to utilize all the resources that they receive when they get a Google listing. Thus the CLP team presentation was very useful to all participants and explored the value of GoogleMyBusiness, Google Analytics and Google+, and the potential benefits to their organizations. 

AGI Construction Solutions signed up with GoogleMyBusiness. Other organizations shared their contact information to schedule individual trainings later on.