Thursday, August 7, 2014

My LinkedIn Page

In the pass couple month, I had kept managing my LinkedIn profile in a good shape. Many people might not believe how LinkedIn works for their career, jobs. I have a friend who just got a phone call yesterday, regarding the digital marketing job. The employer found his application on LinkedIn, and the keyword is "Google Analytics" and "Search Marketing."  How good is it?

Anyway, my rank for profile views improved by 22% in the past 30 days. I might need to have more connection with others, so I will have more chance to sale myself.

You can check my LinkedIn profile at
Overall, My career goal before 35 is to become a search marketing professional in U.S. and Asia. 

Here is the summary for my profile:

Passionate about computer information system in IT product sales, digital marketing, project management, web development, e-commerce and smart home (technology house). 
Self-learner and self-employee in property management, computer repair, system maintenance, and web design since 2009. 
I am currently working in Lyons CG as an application engineer, and I also work in Google as an intern. On the other hand, I have one year experience about Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

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