Monday, August 11, 2014

North Star Reach Wrap Up Overview

North Star Reach Product and Service

- Free camp for special need children

- Donation (Financial Gift and Item Donation)

- Volunteer (Caring)

Organization Goal

- Maintenance a good relationship with their current/future donors thru website. (page view, time on site)

- Drive some donation thru website.

- To have more people to follow them(sign up news), and more volunteers(contact us)

What we achieve

- Have a Good relationship with our donor thru our website
* avg page visit > 3 pages
* avg time on site > 3 min

What we Not achieve

- 0% conversion rate for donation as a goal

- less than 1% conversion rate for sign up news, volunteer as a goal.

To Improve the Donation Rate: Change the Donation Method

Summary for Recommendation
- Install Google Universal Analytics (Ask Bud)

- Adopt Google+ page (North Star Reach)

- Change / Upgrade the Donation Method

- Make buttons for any action on the website

- Merge and simplify the contact us / volunteer form, or using google forms

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