Sunday, September 28, 2014

Certify By Adword & Analytics

Hello Everyone 

It's not a news, I just haven't updated my status for awhile. Here is my certificate for Adwords and Analytics, check it out!

I was taking Google Analytics class at EMU in the summer. This is a wonderful opportunity for me as it will allow me to express my knowledge of digital marketing, Google Adwords and Analytics. Through this summer course, I have done much work with Google Adword and Anaytics. Being able to know what a bounce rate is, exit rate, time on page, etc. is and how it applies to an account and real people really helps. At same time, I kept managing the Adwords account for NPO. Guess what, I finally raise their CTR from 0.5% to almost 20% with 1000 impressions in 30 days. As a Google Adwords beginner, I feel good about this outcome.

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