Friday, May 23, 2014

NorthStar Reach Meeting

I went to the NPO NorthStar Reach on 5/23/2014. Marji and I have talked about 30 minutes. It includes their business goal, events, things to improve, etc. NorthStar Reach is also a member of organization calls serious fun children. Their camp event is for kid who is under medical treatment. However, family doesn't really know about NorthStar Reach unless the doctor refer it. Their valuable actions on their website are donation, contact us, become a volunteer, sign up the news letter. Their website is managing by the third party company, and there are something need to be fixed, such as make easier to find the sign up news button. Overall, I feel it's hard to have good CTR in Adword because their website doesn't really have many valuable action that can attract visitor to do something, but it's still a good website that have a lot of useful information and people can view the event information on the website. Their biggest event is the Groundbreaking. The brand new area for camping is going to open soon. I wish everyone can join the event and play with it.

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