Monday, May 19, 2014

North Star Reach

I am responsible to the NPO North Star Reach on Summer 2014. Their Ad performance still has a lot of space to improve. It's possible to delete some of "low search volume" keywords. At same time, I am think about the value action on their website.What's the business goal? What can visitor do on their website? What's the story?  It might need to re-organize the website and adwords.  

In ad group North Star by Name, visitors are looking for their website through the keywords "north star reach" and their ad. It's only for people who know this NPO. It doesn't attract many new visitor. Overall, I sent an email last week to this NPO, but I didn't get any feedback yet. I am planning to contact the NPO via phone directly on Tuesday or Wednesday. And I am going to modify some of the ad group.

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